Sunday, May 25, 2008

Artsy bloggers round-up

Artsy bloggers roundup

Be gone foul wasp!
Noreen crocheted fake wasp nest to trick the wasps and yellow jackets into staying away from her home. Let’s hope it works!

Freaky Friday #66
A great visual journal writing prompt.

Is this a Blog? Or is it a Website??
Are you confused by the distinction between a blog and a website? Eileen tries to sort things out for you.

Layers Upon Layers
Torn paper landscapes are super-simple backgrounds for collage!

Review: Last-Minute Fabric Gifts
This junk book helps you transform clothing you no longer wear into fun gifts like recycled sweater hats.

Sewing a wasp decoy?
Chloë was inspired by Noreen’s crocheted wasp decoy to try sewing a fabric wasp nest.

image source: Stock.Xchg

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