Wednesday, May 7, 2008

wedding favor ideas - painted wooden boxes

Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive, handmade wedding favor? How about little painted wooden boxes? The box I painted for this sample cost a grand total of $1.50 at my local craft store (the big one that starts with the letter "M"). Paint? $3.50 per bottle... plus a little time. You can monogram the boxes or decoupage them to match your wedding theme.

Don't forget that the earring contest is still on!


purple haired puppet lady said...

Argh - blogger ate my comments! To clarify, the box looks almost like a little bag. It doesn't open or close, but the top is completely open and would be perfect to put things in.

Mary Emma Allen said...

You always have such unique ideas, Chloe. And this little box/bag could have so many types of decoration on it and favors inside.