Monday, February 11, 2008

making your own wedding favors? out of chocolate?

I wanted to give wedding favors that, A: tasted good, and B: kept with our colours & theme. So if you're following me here so far, they needed to be blue, green or brown butterflies and not taste like chalk.

Doesn't sound too hard right?

I loved these.

But they don't ship to Canada.

I did some looking around and couldn't find a Canadian source for them. Sigh...

We still wanted to go with something yummy, inexpensive and in our colours. I've made candy to give as gifts for years now and thought I was up to making our own favors. I spent some time browsing through my local craft store (they have a surprisingly good selection of candy making supplies!) and found some lovely heart-shaped molds for poured chocolates. No butterflies unfortunately...

I bought the molds & some milk chocolate and tested them out - they worked great!

I enlisted the help of my sister-in-law and we spent a couple of hours pouring chocolates (thank goodness for freezers!)

In the space of two hours we had over 100 chocolate hearts, ready to be bagged up :-)

Here's how I wrapped them:
They got slipped into cellophane bags (50 bags for $7 - not bad) and tied with an origami butterfly. The whole thing cost less than $100 and only took a few hours to do - and we got a ton of compliments on them too!

Of course, months afterwards - I found out about these little chocolate molds...

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