Thursday, February 7, 2008

my wedding colours

In my last post I mentioned that my DH & myself had chosen blue, green & brown as our wedding colours. I wanted to show you how we worked them into our wedding - I loved the way they coordinated with everything :-)
The cakes had chocolate fondant icing with tiny blue & green butterflies. They also had red & white flowers, to match the bridal party's flowers. I hit up my local craft store and bought spools of every ribbon I could find in combinations of green, blue or brown. I even ended up gluing layers of ribbon together to get the look I wanted.
My mom wove the fabric to make my DH's vest - I think that was one of the biggest projects of the whole wedding! There are many hours of work woven into that vest...
I sewed it together :-)

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of the tables :-( I used candles & glass pebbles in blue & green for the centrepiece. The favors were definitely a group labour of love! My MIL & I folded the origami butterflies, I made the chocolate hearts with my SIL and we all got together to put them together.
My bridesmaids wore brown dresses and/or skirts & tops (I picked the fabric and let them pick their own dress patterns) in matching fabric. I sewed sheer chiffon shawls for them in either blue or green. I ended up sewing the shawls the afternoon before we got married!

I loved the way the colours worked together - have fun with your own wedding colours & be creative!

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