Monday, February 4, 2008

re-fashioning vintage jewelery for weddings

vintage porcelain flower wedding hair accessories I adore vintage & antique porcelain flower jewelery! There's a story behind that... but you'll have to wait to hear it :-)

I decided that I wanted to wear flowers in my hair for my wedding (wasn't wearing a veil or tiara) and decided that the porcelain or china flowers would look lovely. They are quite easy to find on eBay (I found several in second hand shops as well) and not that expensive. In fact, I got so enthusiastic with my finds that I ended up with waaaay too many flowers :-)

But, how to wear them in my hair? I didn't really want to risk sharp points from the brooch backs on my scalp.

I took a risk and used pliers to pry the pin back off the cheapest flower brooch (I figured it was better to risk breaking the $2 rather than the $15 one!) and miracle of miracles - the old glue gave way and peeled off cleanly!

If you want to make your own hair pins, you'll need some bobby pins or hair clips (my local Michaels store carries bobby pins for making your own hair accessories in their wedding department) as well as a glue like E6000. I just put a dab of glue on the back of the flowers and let them dry overnight.

Because I had some extras, I decided to give them to my bridesmaids, to wear on their shawls:
I was tickled pink with how the flowers looked in my hair - with no chance of wilting!

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