Saturday, April 12, 2008

Artsy bloggers round-up

Artsy bloggers roundup

An “Elephant” Strategy to Quilting Business Success
In her new book, Karin Abarbanel provides a woman’s “go-for-it!” guide to developing a business…whether in quilting, crafts, or other areas.

Does Your Art Shock You?
If you are startled when you look at your art the next day, you are doing something right.

Eco projects to celebrate Earth Day
Noreen Crone-Findlay has been having a wonderful time reclaiming wood from a broken loom and a melted down old desk. She's made some very fine bag handles and some fab eco bracelets. Every Day is Earth Day, right?

In Search of Craft Balance
How to squeeze more time for your art into your busy days.

Junk Project: Orange Bird Feeder
Learn how to make a bird feeder from a used orange peeling.

Layers Upon Layers
A clock-junkie shares what to do with those annoying AOL cds…

Make Artistic Stickers for Your Journal
Links to an easy tutorial for making your own artistic stickers.

Things You’d Never Imagine From Beer Cans, Gloves and Chairs
Explore the beautiful work of junk artist Paul Villinski.

Hand-sewing special projects
I've been working with my mum to create a series of hand-sewn runners to commemorate my grandmother.

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