Saturday, April 19, 2008

Artsy bloggers round-up

Cover girl! Here’s my heart…..
Noreen Crone-Findlay designed, spool knitted and wove a wonderful heart. The art director at Harlequin Romances liked it so much that she bought one for the cover of a new Harlequin Romance. And now, they’re holding a contest so readers can win the heart. Here’s the link….

Digital Painting Tutorial
Artist Genece Hamby shares her pushing colour tutorial.

How to Attach Vintage Buttons to a Charm Bracelet
Antique buttons make special charm bracelets. Here’s how to attach the buttons without destroying their value as collectibles.

Inspiration Comes From the Strangest Things
Make a colorful background for your artwork.

Layers Upon Layers
Cyndi has a great magazine to give away…as a bribe!

Trails End Quilters of the 1870’s - My Quilting Heritage
Mary Emma, at Quilting and Patchwork, reminisces about her quilting heritage and urges you to discover yours.

Use t-shirts to create a recycled, reversible totebag
Chloe from Tangled Thread has created a tutorial for making an easy totebag using a t-shirt

Vintage Gift Tags
With your love of old magazines, create inexpensive, easy-to-make gift tags your friends will cherish.

Scrapbooking your wedding
The Creative Bride has been busy creating the first few pages of her wedding scrapbook.

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